[Case #1] 6 things that Purlem.com could improve

Recently, I stumbled upon Purlem.com.

Purlem.com allows companies to create personalized unique landing pages with targeted content for each user.

Business idea is pretty interesting but their homepage could really be improved.

Here are the 6 things I recommend improving:

1 What: “Sing In” button
Why: The main focus on this page should be about converting visitors into customers.

Optimization tip:

Reduce the size of the sign in button and remove white border around it. It’s very distracting.

2 What: Headline “Personalized Landing Pages”
Why: It’s very weak and doesn’t grab any attention what so ever. It’s like you meet a person for the first time and say to him: “Hey, did you know, I have personalized Landing Pages”. Well, the answers you can expect back are: “So what?” or “Good for you” or “I have them too”.

Optimization tip:

Purlem, tell your visitors what they will get if they open an account with you. Find unique points that differentiate you and your competitors and use them.

3 What: Sub-headline “Create and track personalized landing pages, with unique content tailored to every visitor”
Why: This sub-headline doesn’t say much to me. Companies, such as Unbounce.com and Leadpages.com, allow you to create landing pages and also provide a whole lot more benefits, including tracking results.

Optimization tip:

Again, find unique identifies and use them in your sub-headline or you may need a sub-headline at all if you have a strong headline.

4 What: Video on a main page
Why: Purlem is trying to explain how their website works through 3 min video which seems a bit long. I lost my interest in this video after watching it for 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Optimization tip:

Shorten a video. Your story could be told in less than 1 min video. Also, the cartoonish style that has been chosen for this video may not resonate with some of the prospects that land on your site. I would suggest testing this video against simple bullet point list that describes how Purlem works.

5 What: Call-to-action “Give Purlem a try – it’s free for 30 days”
Why: Even though I like an idea of having 30 days trial right on CTA button it still feels pretty week. After reading current headline “Personalized Landing Pages” and watching a video, I wouldn’t click to give it a try – I would require more information.

Optimization tip:

1. Send people to learn more about company because at this point they are not being sold.
2. Send people to watch a demo video

6 What: Testimonials
Why: Testimonials that come after CTA button feel week.

Optimization tip:

1. Add company names to testimonials
2. Include link to case studies
3. If you have enough customers, display a real-time counter on top of the page with number of landing pages created thus far


I would suggest testing one variable at a time and see how Purlem’s conversion rate changes or multivariate test by changing multiple variables at once which means having a new value proposition.

Here’s an example of new value proposition:

Headline: Personalization + Landing Pages = X% Higher Revenue
Video: See how it works
CTA: Try Purlem FREE for 30 days today


My rating for Purlem.com’s landing page is 5 out 10.

Disclaimer: My optimization tips are allowed for public’s use. Also, no action is required by third parties whose landing/web pages or emails have been analyzed by me, unless they want to.

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