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About Me

Welcome to my blog!

I don’t know what brought you here (unless I ask you) or who you are (unless you sign up for my newsletter), whether you are here by mistake or have a purpose (I’ll check Google Analytics later) – you are welcome to stick around and learn some optimization tips.

Every biography I read was pretty bored, I must say. So I decided to do something different here and… I am presenting my biography in “Interview / FAQ” style. Let’s begin.

- Why you do what you do?

- Simple. I love testing web/landing pages and emails.

- How long you have been doing this for?

- I have been testing things since I could pronounce a word – “test”

- Where do you take blog materials?

- I scout a web and analyze various landing pages and emails that I come across.

- Can you analyze my landing pages or emails for FREE?

- Absolutely. I can analyze them and give you some pointers to work with. It’s up to you to test them or not but believe me, every time you are not testing; you are leaving money on a table.

- Could you create different test variations for me?

- Yes, I could. They won’t be free but they won’t be expensive either. They are going to be less than any pro services out there, that’s for sure. You can drop me a line at and I’ll share more details.

- Why don’t you advertise your prices here?

- I specifically don’t put prices here because this is not a true purpose of my blog.

- Do I have a way to follow your tips?

- Yes. You can simply sign up for my newsletter (you can find sign up box on every page).

- How can I contact you?

- Easy. Use my email address I believe, I already provided my email address above when somebody asked me about different test variations or use a form below.

- Anything else I should know about you?

- Sure thing :). I am 37 years old. Married. Have two beautiful children. Never complain about memory and never repeat myself twice. Did I mention I am 37 years old?

Here’s another way to contact me:

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