PART 2: The 5 proven email practices to drive revenue by ExactTarget



Stay focused on improving deliverability to make sure you’re maximizing every revenue opportunity. Poor deliverability can be a result of several factors, but no matter the cause, it will quickly jeopardize your email marketing program.

Follow these tips to ensure your emails hit the inbox:

  • Use double opt-in to avoid getting blacklisted. Reduce the risk of finding your IP address on blacklists by implementing a double opt-in campaign. Here’s how:
    • Trigger an opt-in confirmation email immediately after a subscriber signs up and ask them to confirm that they’d like to be on your list.
    • When your subscribers respond “yes,” you’re less likely to end up with deliverability issues down the road.
  • Maintain a consistent From Name. By using a consistent From Name, your subscribers will grow accustomed to receiving email from you and will be less likely to hit the “SPAM” button. This consistency will also help your credibility—in the eyes of your subscribers and ISPs.
  • Double check your subject line. Avoid spam filters by excluding the following characters and terms: RE:, FW:, Hello, Free, Special Offer, text in ALL CAPS, and exclamation points!!!
  • Consider subscriber engagement. Webmail providers like Yahoo! and Gmail know exactly which messages are opened, viewed, clicked, or deleted without being read. This data is compiled to create an “engagement score” for you as a sender. Building scores to denote reputable senders isn’t new, but ISPs are starting to rely on this engagement-based data more heavily than before. If you want to keep your spot in the inbox, make sure you’re sending only to your most engaged subscribers. Every email you send to an unengaged subscriber puts you closer to falling into the bulk or SPAM folder. Test your message content and frequency to determine what resonates.

Source: ExactTarget

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