PART 4: The 5 proven email practices to drive revenue by ExactTarget



Every marketer wants customers who are engaged with their brand. It turns out that engagement (and revenue) is directly tied to relevancy—and relevancy is key to maximizing the lifetime value of your customers. A recent study by eMarketer revealed that 56% of US email users unsubscribe to a business email list because the content was no longer relevant. Our research has proven that as marketers move from left to right on this relevancy scale, engaging in more personalized, one-to-one marketing tactics, the potential to drive revenue increases exponentially.

How can you increase engagement?

  • Segment your communications. Use all the data you know about your subscribers—gender, job title, hobbies and interests, purchase history, browsing history, social media presence, etc.—to send messages tailored to their lifestyle and likes. How? It starts with integrations and testing, so keep reading!
  • Integrate your email marketing and CRM systems. Whether your CRM system is homegrown or from a top provider like, Microsoft Dynamics®, SAP, or Oracle, you can eliminate disparate systems and store all your customer data in one integrated system. This makes it easy to personalize your marketing to create precise segments, acquire new leads, and nurture those leads through your sales cycle
  • Test to discover what resonates. Run an A/B test every time to maximize your engagement. Test subject lines or content such as hero images, promotional offers, and calls-to-action to see what performs best. Simple tests like these are easy to execute and ensure you’re delivering the most relevant content you have to offer. Give your audiences the ability to hear from you through multiple channels by occasionally testing the promotion of other channels within your social networks.

Source: ExactTarget

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