[Case #2] Pay attention to these 3 items on Geico’s landing page

Today, I came across Geico’s landing page that I posted above.

The reason I want to bring this page to your attention is because it has:

1. Strong headline: “Saving people money on more than just car insurance” – gives prospects a clear direction on what they need to do

2. Big hero image that supports headline and gives people an idea of what they could save money on besides cars

3. Single to call-to-action: “Start a quote”

Of course, Geico should A/B test all elements on this page, such as: headline, hero image, and CTA button but I would mainly concentrate on call-to-action here.

Optimization tips:

“Start a quote” CTA text has an indefinite time-frame. I will not click on this button if I am on a hurry or too lazy to go through big processes. Simply, because I don’t have any idea when I may be done with it.

I would also add one more component to this page – social proof. Geico can show total saving’s dollar amount that all their customers saved on boats already. Big numbers always resonate well with people. (I assume that number is pretty big)


Recommendation #1:
I would test “Start a quote” CTA button against few versions that have a sense of urgency – “Get your quote today” and “Get your quote now”.
Recommendation #2
Add total savings to this page if it’s significant enough.


My rating for this Geico’s landing page is 8 out 10.

Disclaimer: My optimization tips are allowed for public’s use. Also, no action is required by third parties whose landing/web pages or emails have been analyzed by me, unless they want to.

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